Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Currently I'm....

I'm slowly adapting to living in Berlin and getting a new routine in this amazing and vibrant city. Right now it's grey and a little rainy every day, and most people are going through a pretty intense seasonal depression (which is definitely more understandble here than in Winnipeg where it's cold but sunny...). So far? I'm loving every minute of it.

READING: I've been re-reading Harry Potter, but this time in German, to try and improve my language skills. I haven't read them since 2008 and it's like reading them for the first time all over again. It's wonderful and magical and I'm forever in love.

WATCHING: I recently discovered Outlander, based on the books by Diane Gabaldon. It's based in Scotland and having just been there, it's making me fall deeper and deeper in love with the beautiful Highlands. Next season takes place in France, and the costumes look absolutely amazing!

LISTENING: I've been listening to a lot of folk and indie music lately. All very chill vibes making me think of summer. I've been using 8tracks to listen to music at work and discover all sorts of new music. Here's one of my favourite playlists.

WORKING ON: Writing, mostly. I don't do a ton at work, so I've been spending a lot of time working on my blogs (scheduling up to 6 blog posts at a time!) and doing a bit of writing. Short stories and maybe even something longer. It passes the time and keeps my mind focused on something creative and productive!

EATING: Waaaaaay too many döner kebabs! I'm obsessed. In Berlin, you can find a kebab place on every street corner, or almost and it's so delicious! It's basically a heavy sandwich in a thick pita bread, with a thick garlicy tsatsiki-type sauce, typically with lamb meat or chicken, lettuce, red cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions. YUM.

DRINKING: Beer! I'm in Germany, after all! It's ridiculously cheap. Like, 80 cents for a .5L bottle at the convevience store across the street cheep). With the strict purity laws, you know it'll be great. Some of these are so smooth, it's like drinking water! Whether that's a good thing or not, I'm not quite sure yet...

WANTING: To go for a very long run. My running shoes were stolen at the hostel and I,ve been waiting impatiently to go running. My wonderful mom has sent me my "old" pair in the mail and I've been obsessively checking the mail box, hoping they'll get there soon before I go crazy.

THINKING: I should stop signing up for races... I'm signed up for a half marathon on April 3rd in Berlin, another six days later at the new Berlin airport, another half in June in Scotland and then a full in October in southern Germany. There's just too many! Someone please stop me. ...or don't.

CELEBRATING: Finally finding an apartment! So far, it's just a temporary sublet, but the location is great and I can finally relax and not live out of my suitcase.

TRYING: I've been seriously trying to get back in the workout grind. While I can't run, I might as well do something with myself to stay in some kind of shape, so a little workout here and there should help! I've been using a couple of apps to keep track (and make me feel bad when I don't work out), and it's definitely been helping! There's also a good friend of mine at home who has been making incredible progress in her fitness in the last few months and it's definitely motivating me to get my sweat on.

ENJOYING: Honestly? All of Berlin. Wandering with a friend around at 1am in Alexanderplatz on a Monday night sharing headphones, meeting new people, going to random little cafés and pubs, the weather (though everyone here would think I'm crazy for enjoying the 0-5 degree temperatures), when random musicians play on the subway, my new coworkers, feeling like a badass when I cross the street at a red light, all the little hidden gems in the city like the Chamaleon or the Anne Frank Zentrum area, and having people from home planning to make a little detour to come see me in Berlin :)


  1. Reading a book in a different language would be like rereading it! That's on my list for when I fully learn French.
    Keep up with your writing, and travel documenting! I love reading travel blogs, or when one adapts to another country. Don't feel too nervous about the marathons. Go for a run tomorrow!! Best of luck with the running and adaptation to the new environment!

    1. It's definitely a lot of fun to reread it and realize how easy it is!
      I definitely will keep it up :) I've also been running lots more (I finally just decided to buy new shoes) so I'll be ready to crush my races!


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