Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Extreme Wanderlust

Ever since I landed in Berlin, I've been wanting to travel even more than before. I am so close to everything, now and it seems completely normal and doable to go to a different country for the weekend. While I sit here at work, I plan all these trips I could possibly do and the majority of them wouldn't cost me more than €200 for the weekend!

Here's a brief overview of the trips I will be going on 100% this year.

Isle of Skye, Scotland

I registered for yet another half-marathon. This one will be taking place in a gorgeous area of Scotland that I didn't get to visit the first time around. The Isle of Skye, an island to the west of Loch Ness, in the Highlands. It's going to be an absolutely amazing experience to run there. On top of it all, I'll be camping instead of getting a hotel!

Oktoberfest, Germany

That one is quite obvious. I'm in Germany for the third time and this year, I will finally experience Oktoberfest. I will go for the opening weekend and get to experience the craziness of the beer-drinking festival.

Bondensee (Constance Lake), Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Liechtenstein

This year, I will be running my first FULL marathon! It's the 3-Country Marathon, that starts in Lindau, Germany, makes its way down to Austria, does a small loop in Switzerland and back up, to finish in Bregenz, Austria. It lounges the Bodensee (Constance Lake) and it's bound to be a very beautiful trek. Afterwards, I will go explore a bit of the Austrian countryside as well as spend a day or two in the teeny tiny little country of Lichtenstein.

There you have it! These trips are actually going to happen 100%! There are also all kinds of other weekend trips I would love to take, and I'm sure I'll get around to it at some point.... For example, I would love to visit Krakow, Dubrovnik, Budapest, Athens, Hamburg, the Black Forest.... etc. etc. The list never ends.

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