Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures... things we secretly enjoy but refuse to admit we do. You know exactly what I'm talking about! Mine aren't necessarily embarrassing (for the most part) but because of who I think I should be and the friends I have, they're considered embarrassing, hence being guilty pleasures.

Music: I really hate to admit it.... but Justin Bieber's new album is awesome. Taylor Swift's too. Yep, I said it.

Books: When it comes to books, I'm still a total teenager. I love reading paranormal romance (not Twilight, but in that same category), and the dystopian novels like Divergent and Hunger Games.

Movies: I'm a huge sucker for romantic comedies. The Princess Diaries, The Ugly Truth, 10 Things I Hate About You, Because I Said So... bring it!

TV Shows: I recently fell in love with Grey's Anatomy, a show I had always told myself I would never watch. Gossip Girl is high on the guilty pleasure list as well.

Food: I don't do it often (though that's already too often), but I love me a good McChicken burger. McDonald's is awful, but so good!

What else? Organizing is something I do too much of. If I get bored, I will literally take everything out of my drawers and closet and reorganize it. Though that pretty much means putting it right back where it was in the first place (while jamming out to the Biebs.)
I love buying cosmetics, toiletries and jewelry, but I rarely ever use all of it. I have tons of hair conditioners and solutions I've never used, necklaces I'll never wear, and makeup I've barely touched. Oops!

Yep.... there you have it. Some of my (not so)dirty little secrets. While it's not that embarassing, I know most people would shake their heads at reading this list.

What are some of YOUR guilty pleasures?

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