Thursday, August 29, 2013

Canadians and Their Hockey

Last night was Hockey night at the baseball stadium. All the staff was dressed in hockey jerseys or hockey shirts. It didn't matter which team colours we wore, as long as it was a hockey team.
My family doesn't really follow sports all that much, so I had to borrow a jersey from a coworker. I was given one at random, and it so happened to be a Montreal Canadiens jersey.

2 years ago, people would have loved my jersey. That's because 2 years ago, Winnipeg didn't have an NHL hockey team. We hadn't had a hockey team in over 15 years, and we finally got the Jets back in 2011. Winnipeg literally went crazy with team-spirit. It was great to see! The Jets had a very very good first season, and we love them.

Anyway, last night I was a ticket taker; I scanned the tickets at the gate and because of my jersey, some people down-right refused to have their tickets scanned by me. They glared at me, shook their heads, told me "my team sucks," and so on. They were ruthless!

There's a reason we're known as crazy hockey fans... That might just be it.

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