Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Current

I have a job interview today!! I'm super excited. I already have two jobs, but they are only for the summer. I need something for the winter!

The interview is at The Current. It's a restaurant in a fancy hotel in Winnipeg. If I get hired, it would as a hostess or busperson, which is perfect, since you can usually move out to waitress. Since it's a fancy restaurant and I really want the job, I actually took the time to find something nice to wear! I want to make a great impression!
Top: H&M // Skirt: Sirens // Flats: Walmart
I'll admit it, I did ask my sister for help. We spent a good 20 minutes raiding my closet, but in the end, we found this outfit! It's perfect for a job interview. It's just fancy and casual enough to be taken seriously, without being too fancy or too casual.
Flats: Walmart

Let's hope I get this! :)

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