Friday, August 23, 2013

Garden Treasures

My parents really love adding little things to the garden to add some charm. Just like some people have garden gnomes. We do too, except that they aren't exactly gnomes.

My mom has always had a fascination with the Indian culture, so this little guy is a little hidden in our garden. It adds a splash of colour among all the green!

My dad, being the artist that he is, took one of our sick trees we had to cut down and turn it into a chair with this face he carved.

Probably the most original thing in the yard. My dad has an old friend who makes wooden sculptures. My dad got this one and it sits nicely at the edge of the garden, right over the Buddha.

This silver bird is also in the garden. Little fact: I ran it over with the car, so it's missing the majority of its body... hehe. 

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