Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer's End

(It's a terrible unflattering photo, but hey, it happens!)

I wish I had air conditioning.
It is incredibly hot outside today and I am dying!
According it Weather Network, It's 33 degrees Celcius, and it feels like 38.
That is HOT! It's a great way to end the summer though!

The thing is, there's no point in having A.C. if we only use it 2-3 months a year. My house is nearly 100 years old, which means it would cost us a fortune to get in installed. I think I might buy one of those window A.C. machines for next summer though....

I started my new job today and I really like it! I only have a week left with my summer jobs, so everything is working out perfectly. :)

Then I start school again. Where did time fly?!

Life is good. :)

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