Friday, August 16, 2013

Grad 2012

I feel like going down memory lane today. Last year I graduated high school and one of my best memories was grad.

Being who I am, I had thought to myself: I'm not going to spend a lot on my dress, I'll just get something nice and be done with it. I ended up starting to look online in September! That's 10 months ahead! I know I'm really punctual and all, but that surprised us all. My mom and I found the perfect dress in November and got it before anyone else could. I found my shoes, my earrings and everything I needed right away and I was ready to go! 6 months before the day.

My date was my very close friend JD. I had known him for over 4 years at that point and he was the best date anyone could ask for! He followed me around all day while we took pictures, never complaint about the heat or his poor feet, and everything else I needed (demanded).

We went around town to take pictures with my friends Gen and her date, as well as PJ and his date. All of us together, followed by my dad, our photographer. We must have spent at least 3 hours taking pictures. I got a sunburn so bad I looked like a lobster, but it was all worth it! We were all excited and running around goofing off. Just the photography part had some great memories, let alone the actually dinner and dance!

I can't really say I miss high school (I really, really don't), but those memories will always make me smile.


  1. Hey! all your links at the bottom look really good, too. but the email one doesn't direct to the right spot :) great work on all of it, though!


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