Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Harry Potter Party

Did you know that Bloomsbury just came out with an illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone?! Well... the book launch was yesterday!! McNally Robinson decided to host a "Harry Potter Party" at the Winnipeg location to celebrate the launch. It brings back so many memories of all the book launches that we all went to as the Harry Potter series came out. I remember when the last book came out, there was a huge party at Assiniboine Park with music, games, Chocolate Frogs, Wands, Bertie Botts Flavoured Beans, etc. for everyone to enjoy!

There was a live book reading of the Philosopher's Stone - they were literally reading the whole book! People came dressed in costumes and sat in the bookstore listening to the reading, following along with their own copy! There was also butterbeer and little themed pastries.

This book is gorgeous! Here are a few images from the book:

Now excuse me as I go binge-watch the entire Harry Potter series....!

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