Wednesday, October 14, 2015

You Can Never Have Too Much Running Clothes

Back in July, I decided to splurge on some more running clothes! I got myself a good pair of capri tights and a running shirt that has a pretty sweet technology in the fabric. As you can tell, I like to wear really bright colours when I run. Somehow, it always seems to be pink, red or a combination!
This time is no different! My leggings are just as bright, although the shirt isn't!

Shirt: Columbia // Leggings: UnderArmour // Socks: Running Room

I really love this little feature on the leggings.... It has a pocket at the back! This is perfect for my long runs so I can put my keys and they won't jiggle or bother me at all, and I could even put a small granola bar in there (not that I would want to because it's above my butt and all...). Definitely a very handy asset to the leggings! I personally hate when I have stuff bouncing around in my pockets.

Now the shirt. This particular shirt is from Columbia and is part of their Omni-Freeze Zero line. This is technology in the fabric that is activated by sweat or moisture and cools down the fabric. Sounds crazy right? How could sweat make fabric cold? Well it works. I tried a sample of the material at Mud Hero and was flabbergasted at how freaky it is! It seriously gets cold! The wetter the material is, the colder it feels on your skin. Perfect for summer, right?

I may spend a lot of money on running clothes, but they are worth every single penny.

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