Friday, October 16, 2015

Why I WILL Vote

**Disclaimer: These opinions are entirely my own and are by no means meant to discourage anyone to follow what they believe in. Politics is a touchy subject and I apologize if anyone gets offended as I have tried not to do so.**

Last year, Winnipeg had municipal elections and I wrote a post about why I don't vote. This year, Canada is having federal elections, which means we will be voting for our prime minister AND for the member of parliament who will represent the area of the city in which we live.  This year, I WILL vote.

Last time, I talked about how much I hate politics, that I try to stay away from political conversations and didn't even try to find out when the elections were.
This year, I have been paying a lot closer attention. I still hate politics, but I couldn't help but get curious. Mostly because my coworkers and family are so invested that I started listening to what they were saying, but also because it's a federal election and change needs to happen. There are four parties running and three of them (in my opinion) that have really great plans for Canada and it's a really tough decision to figure out who to vote for, but it's an important choice and I am proud to say that I have been doing my part to make my decision.

I don't believe that our current prime minister has been doing a good job whatsoever:
-He has ruined our economy for his political campaigns
-He has ruined Canada's reputation as Peacekeepers (we went from #1 to #62)
-He does not care about women's rights or equality
-He has openly said that the missing and murdered aboriginal women are not a concern (and d-ue to their lack of jobs)
-He has no plans to help with the global warming problems (and will actually harm it with this oil plans)
-He has created or brought back some very racist laws, one of which actually classifies citizens into two tiers - the "pure-breds" and the "foreigners/immigrants" (C-24) and there's bill C-51, the ant-terrorist act, which violates some of our human rights
-He also believes in the growth of the big companies and making money more than the individuals and the needs of families
-He has also decided to have the election campaign twice as long as the regular 40 days that the candidates normally have, which means these elections have been insufferably long

(Please take note that I have paraphrased these points and that when I say "he," I also mean the Conservative Party of Canada, as the blame can't necessarily be placed on a single individual.)

Those are just a few of the reasons why I don't think our current leader is a good fit for Canada. I have been keeping track with the election news, discussing it at lengths with friends and family and am entirely convinced that this year, of all years, voting matters. I am by no means trying to tell you who to vote for, and will not say who I will vote for, but change needs to happen one way or another, and I now believe that voting is important. Even if you don't vote, you are technically still voting. You give your vote to another person, who you may not even agree with! 

On Monday, October 19th, 2015, I will vote. Will you?

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