Thursday, October 29, 2015


Almost two years ago, we adopted a new cat, Lola at the Humane Society. She was adorable! Always running around, chasing the other cats, always cuddling with us and hiding her face when we tried to hold her. She was always a fierce little kitten, brave, and a little too curious. She was the kind of cat who could catch a bird, while on a leash, who would race down the stairs and almost trip on her way down.  She was the kind of kitten who would literally claw food out of the bowls of other cats so she could have more food, or try to climb the door to get in the house at supper time.

Friday night, we said goodbye to her.

Unlike our two other cats, she never quite understood boundaries or danger. She never understood how to cross the road safely. They are all outdoor cats, but she hadn't learned all that stuff yet. She loved to explore and run across the street to discover new things. Friday night, the curiosity got the best of her. It was raining, it was dark, and she had decided to cross the street. Just like a deer in the headlights, she froze when a car came into view and it hit her. At least that's what I assume happened.

She was two years old.

I have been having a much harder time dealing with her death than I would have expected. I have lost family members and pets before... but it's different this time. I was too young to understand the death of a pet when the last one passed away, and they were very old, so it was expected. This caught us all totally by surprise. One minute she is sitting by the window, cuddling the other cat, and the next, she's just gone.

What bothers me the most is imagining this driver, who undoubtedly heard of felt a "thunk"  or even a shriek and just shrugged and kept going like it was nothing. It's like we think that as drivers or humans, we are above everything and everyone else. We don't have any respect for other living beings. I bet that driver didn't even check to see what they hit.
Thankfully, a woman saw this and brought Lola to the side of the road so she wouldn't get hit even more, giving this poor creature a tiny shred of dignity. She then told our neighbour about what she saw and he came to tell us.

Our two other cats are now roaming the house, confused, trying to find Lola. Even her bowl has disappeared. I wonder if they know, if they understand what happened. I just hope it was quick and painless. I hope she's happy, looking down on the other two, wishing she could play with them.

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